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Today is your day! Join the squad for your free sample box (+shipping).

After you receive your free trial box, we’ll start sending you 30-packs of our tubes (renews at $97.50 per shipment). Tell us what flavors and how often you want them below. (p.s. you can change these preferences or cancel at any time).

Here's all the details:

How much is it: We're running a special as we introduce our subscription service by shipping an initial trial box of 6 tubes to you for only the cost of shipping - $21.50 instead of the full cost of $41. Afterwards each box will have 30 tubes and cost $97.50 or $3.25 per tube.
What's inside: The trial box has 2 tubes of Original, 2 tubes of Banana and 2 tubes of Blueberry blends. You'll select your flavor preference below for your recurring 30 tube box out of the 4 options below: 30 tubes of original, 30 tubes of banana, 30 tubes of blueberry or 10 tubes of each of the flavors. You can change your preferences anytime by logging on or by a link we send out upon purchasing the trial box.
When will it ship: Our boxes ship only on Mondays through Wednesdays. Orders placed Monday through Wednesday at 12 pm EST will ship that same week. Orders placed Wednesday afternoon through Sunday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. Shipments always arrive within 2 days, frozen. Your 1st 30 tube box will ship the number of weeks you select for your frequency below, after your trial box ships.
Where do you ship: Only to the continental US for now!
When will I be charged: You are only charged when your box ships. We will email you 3 days before to remind you that it is shipping should you wish to change any of your preferences.
Example: An order is placed on a Friday for a trial box with the selections below original flavor and 2 week frequency. The trial box will be shipped out on the next Monday and you will be charged $21.50 then. The 1st recurring order for the 30 tubes of original will be sent for processing on Friday, 2 weeks later. We will send an email 3 days before that to remind you to update your preferences and make sure you'll be home for the upcoming shipment. The 30 tube box of originals will ship the following Monday for arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will charge you $97.50 on Monday. 


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