We are Organic Amazon, two families brought together by our passion for living healthy and getting the most out of life.  Driven by our love for Açaí and two generations of enjoying all of it’s benefits in our homes every day, we set out to develop something new. What if we could make enjoying Acai anywhere easy, with no need to blend smoothies or prepare bowls?   What if we could enjoy it on a hike, or after a surf session on a deserted beach, or while enjoying an epic view miles from the house?  That’s how Açaí To Go was born 😃


That’s how it all started, but our mission has gone beyond the practicalities of the end product.  Being Brazilians living in the United States, it has always been hard to find quality Açaí that was not diluted by other juices, or just lacking in actual Acai.  Over the last few years we have worked hard developing just the right formula with support from our new partner Claudio Brüehmüeller, an expert in formulating blends. Sourcing from the best in Brasil, and other area of the world, generating over 45 iterations of the formulas.   


Always on a mission to develop something perfect with our own families in mind.  The end results is a creamy Açaí sorbet blended with organic fruits inspired by some of our favorite places in the world. Now you and your family can enjoy it anywhere.

Rodrigo Lima and Jayson Fittipaldi

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